South MountainMiddle School


Welcome to the South Mountain Middle School Guidance Office!

Mr. Ted Sharpless
6th Grade Counselor, Mrs. Eichldinger’s class, Mrs. Gillette’s class and Ms. Tobias’ class
Office: 484-765-4316
Google Phone: 484-291-1788
Google Classroom Code: 6nkt5mz
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Ms. Krista Ronalds 
7th Grade Counselor, Ms. Budinko’s class, Mr. Davis' class and Ms. Olmeda’s class 
Office: 484-765-4323
Google Phone: 484-809-9138
Google Classroom Code: tynsb2u
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Mrs. Nicole Heckler
8th Grade Counselor, Mrs. Kresley’s class and Mr. Miller’s class
Office: 484-765-4321
Google Phone: 484-350-4704
Google Classroom Code: xlogxsw
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For enrollment and withdrawal information, please contact our Guidance Secretary

Ms. Beverly Johnson